Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into a repository of answers crafted to address your most pressing queries and curiosities about dog training. Whether you're tackling basic commands, behavioral challenges, or just getting started on your training adventure, we've got the insights you need

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per lesson?

We have basic to advanced obedience programs, also offering Off Leash Programs Pricing Ranges from $175-$1500, 3-7 lessons, depends on which program you sign up for.

Do I come to you and do the training?

We come to your home or you have the option to come to our facility and do the training in your environment. At times we can meet at public places, Example: Home Depot, or near by Park.

Do you train puppies?

Yes, but a puppy must be at least 4 months of age and up to date with all their shots.

How do we get started with the training?

Step one is to schedule an Evaluation for you and your dog, which is $175. Once we complete this evaluation, you will select which obedience program you want to sign up for.

Do you use E-Collar?

Yes, for off leash training, some programs include E-Collar in pricing.

Do you use treats/cookies in your training?

No, we replace treats with "Praise". Dogs love a pat on the head for a good job. We want your dog to listen to you, not for what you're holding in your hand.

How do you socialize my dog/dogs?

We bring our own dogs to help socialize and teach your dog/dogs how to properly act. Another Option is you bring your dog to our Facility for Socializing.