The success stories of countless canines and their happy owners take center stage. Dive into the experiences of those who've walked this journey before you, and see the transformative power of professional dog training.

Considering her age, I wasn’t very hopeful that the training would have any effect on her but it absolutely did. Joe answered all of the questions I had very promptly and was very honest throughout the whole process.

We recommend Joe and his team 100%. Before working with Strategic K-9, Plato was nervous and reactive in public spaces, but now he feels confident and calm!

Great experience working with John. He really taught us how to communicate with our GSD Toga. He's a real professional!

Joe is fantastic. At the initial evaluation, we knew immediately Joe was the right trainer just by the way he interacted with our dog Apollo. He explained his training program and interacted with Apollo in a kind and calm manner.

I cannot recommend Joe and his team enough for their outstanding training program ! After reviewing multiple training programs in RI, we landed on Strategic K-9 Training because of their one on one approach right at your home.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I rescued Tate in April of this year and right away I knew I wanted him to gain a sense of stability and routine. The shelter I adopted him from recommended training just from what they knew of his past.

Thank you Joe and Amy, you guys are truly the best out there! My boyfriend and I are so lucky to have found the two of you and can’t thank you enough for not only training our dogs, but for training us so that we can be the best for them!

Sydney was very helpful to our family learning how to properly challenge and train Wendy, our 1 year old Shepard/bull terrier mix. I would absolutely recommend strategic k-9 to my friends :)

100% recommend without any hesitation. Joe has now trained two of our Cane Corso dogs and the lessons and methodologies we (and the dogs) learned have proven to be extremely helpful.

We had a great experience working with Joe. We brought our 1ish year old GSD to him to work on her leash skills (as she was a puller!) as well as comfort with greeting strangers in the house and general obedience

Joe is a very talented trainer and cares tremendously for his clients and pets. We had our 4 month old cane corso puppy trained. What we loved the most was that Joe taught us what to do so we could continue her training without him and be successful going forward.

Joe is a very intelligent trainer! My family and I learned so much through the basic training program. We definitely recommend strategic K-9 training. We have a 6 month old Siberian Husky who can now follow basic commands.

I came in contact with strategic K9 after searching far and wide for someone to personally help with some resource guarding and barking habits that I wanted to break with my dog. Joe and Ami have helped immensely

Our 2 year old mixed breed Enzo, who we adopted as a puppy, started showing aggressive behavior when people he was unfamiliar with came into our home or onto our property. Joe saw this first hand when he came to do an evaluation.

We highly recommend Strategic K-9! Joe helped us gain a better understand and perspective as to how dogs think and behave while also teaching us the proper ways to address a few problems we had started to notice. Our 18 mth old BMD has gained a significant amount of confidence

Joe helped us form a much stronger bond with our girl, and we are thankful! Our rescue pup, Willow, had incredibly reactive tendencies, and for anyone with a reactive dog, you know how overwhelming that can feel. We couldn’t go on walks, for fear of her barking aggressively at another dog or a bicycle, and traveling in the car was a lot of work.

Strategic K9 is the place where you can get your dog to reach the goals you had in mind for them when they were just a puppy! Before Joe, I was feeling discouraged, frustrated, and disappointed in myself that my dog was having behavioral issues after all the “treat bribing” training he has gone through in the past.

I truly cannot say enough great things about Joe and his training! I had previously done a few other trainings with other companies and saw no progress and was really losing hope until I found Joe. I noticed a huge change in my 11 month old Bernedoodle after our first session.

I can't recommend Joe enough, he seriously is a dog whisperer! I have a 6.5 year old German Shepherd who was showing aggression. After just one lesson with Joe he gave us the tools and information needed to stop this behavior right away.

The training was excellent, Joe came to our house weekly and would walk us through different techniques to work on with our dogs.

My almost 2 year old GoldenDoodle, Rusty, had developed some bad habits after our older dog passed away. Rusty was pulling, jumping, and lunging when we walked. I couldn’t trust him around the little kids in our neighborhood.

Joe was absolutely amazing!! He is super knowledgeable at what he does. Joe came to work with my 5 month old German shepherd with many bad behaviors and aggression towards people, by the time joe left we had a whole new dog on our hands.

I have learned so much from our puppy class with my dog Bruin. I have signed up for the advanced class starting soon. The pictures are going to class then after a secession. Thank you for all you help Steve