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Our Dog Training Classes are more than just lessons; they're a bridge to a lifelong friendship based on mutual respect and understanding. Whether you're tackling the basics or diving into advanced techniques, our classes are designed to suit every age and stage.

At Strategic K-9 Training, we believe in a personalized approach to dog training that starts with with a thorough understanding of your furry friend's unique needs and behaviors. Before enrolling in any of our training programs, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your dog. This initial assessment allows us to tailor a training program that best suits your pet's individual requirements, ensuring optimal results.

Why An Evaluation?

Understand Your Dog: Learn about your dog's temperament, learning style, and specific needs.

Customized Training: Helps us create a training plan that addresses your dog's unique challenges and strengths.

Safety: Ensures a safe and positive environment for all participants, both canine and our trainers.

Evaluation Details

Duration: The evaluation session typically last about one hour.

Evaluation Fees

We offer two types of evaluation sessions to best suit your needs:

  1. At-Home Evaluation - $175:
  2. Facility Evaluation - $50

Outcome: You will receive a detailed assessment of your dog's behavior and a recommended training path.

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