Meet Our Trainers

Unleash the full potential of your furry friend with our team of passionate and skilled dog trainers. Each trainer brings a unique approach to enhancing communication and strengthening the bond between you and your beloved pet. From basic obedience to advanced behavioral training, we're here to support every step of your journey together.

Meet The Team

Joe Lead Trainer

Welcome to the world of canine companionship! I'm Joe, a devoted dog trainer with a heartfelt passion for fostering unbreakable bonds between dogs and their owners. With a journey that began in 2018, I've immersed myself in the art of dog training, refining my skills through countless hours of practice, study, and hands-on experience.

My Journey and Expertise:

My adventure began with Sasha, my faithful four-legged friend who ignited my fascination with advanced obedience and off-leash training. From there, my journey expanded to encompass a diverse array of training methods, each honed to perfection and integrated into my comprehensive training programs. I believe in results, and my ultimate goal is to empower my clients to achieve the harmonious relationship they envision with their dogs.

Sydney Trainer

Greetings, fellow dog enthusiasts! I'm Sydney, a high school psychology teacher who has discovered a remarkable intersection between two of my greatest passions: psychology and animals. With a Bachelor's of Science in psychology and a Master's of Education journey in progress, I've embarked on a journey that blends the intricacies of the human mind with the boundless affection of our canine companions.

A Teacher's Heart, A Trainer's Path:‍

My odyssey in the world of dog training commenced in 2022, as a client at Strategic K-9 Training. Accompanied by my faithful companion, Meadow, I immersed myself in the program under the guidance of lead trainer Joe. Little did I know, this experience would weave my love for teaching and my newfound appreciation for animal behavior into a harmonious tapestry.

John Trainer

Hey there, I'm John—Certified Dog Trainer since 2021 A dog enthusiast with a heart full of positivity and a lifetime of canine companionships

Growing up surrounded by furry friends, I've developed a keen understanding of the unique bond between humans and dogs. My infectious energy is not just for the two-legged folks; it's something that dogs pick up on too. Training dogs has always been a dream of mine, and now, I'm living that dream by helping others achieve remarkable results through our obedience training programs.

What sets me apart is my unwavering passion for what I do.

It's not just a job; it's a calling that brings me immense joy every single day. I firmly believe in the power of proper training to enhance the relationship between dogs and their owners, and I'm dedicated to making that connection stronger.

Christine Trainer

Hello fellow dog enthusiasts! I'm Christine, and I've found my true calling at Strategic K-9 Training since 2020. With a heart that beats for dogs of all sizes and a unique background that spans teaching and massage therapy, I bring a blend of patience, teaching prowess, and genuine passion to every training session.

A Journey of Multifaceted Skills:‍

My story is one of versatile skills and a boundless affection for our furry companions. In the past, I've nurtured young minds as a preschool teacher and provided the therapeutic touch as a massage therapist. These roles have instilled in me an innate ability to demonstrate techniques with precision and to follow directions diligently—skills that transition seamlessly into the art of dog training.

Patricia Scheduling Coordinator

Hello and welcome to a world where furry companions are treated with care, respect, and understanding! I'm Patricia, a passionate dog groomer and a vital member of the Strategic K-9 Training team. With over a decade of experience working closely with dogs, I've gained insights that allow me to provide exceptional customer service and support for both human and canine clients.

A Journey of Canine Care:‍

My journey began in 2006 as a dog groomer, where I learned to appreciate the nuances of each dog's temperament and individual needs. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of working with a wide variety of dogs, each with their own unique personalities and sensitivities. This experience has given me a profound understanding of the potential stress that grooming experiences can bring to our furry friends.