Collection: Elite 6-Lesson Program

Achieve peak obedience and behavior control with our elite 6-lesson program, tailored for comprehensive and advanced training. Here’s what we cover:

  • Sit/Stay: Master the essential sit and stay commands in any environment.
  • Reliable Recall: Ensure your dog comes when called, even amidst distractions.
  • Advanced Off-Leash Control: Gain full control of your dog off-leash for ultimate freedom and safety.
  • Loose Leash Walks: Enjoy smooth, controlled walks without any pulling.
  • Heel on Leash: Teach your dog to walk perfectly at your side on a leash.
  • Heel Off Leash: Achieve flawless heel behavior without a leash.
  • Advanced Recall Commands: Strengthen recall skills for reliable response in any situation.
  • Down/Stay Off Leash: Instill a solid down/stay command for consistent off-leash behavior.
  • Fix Lunging/Leash Pulling: Eliminate unwanted lunging and leash pulling behaviors.
  • Reactivity Training: Manage and reduce your dog's reactivity towards other dogs and various stimuli.
  • "OFF" Command: Stop your dog from jumping on people and furniture.
  • "OUT" Command: Train your dog to drop any item on command.
  • Proper Socializing: Enhance your dog’s social skills through interactions with well-trained dogs.
  • Training with Distractions: Ensure your dog stays focused even with distractions around.
  • Public Training Option: Train in dog-friendly stores for real-world practice.
  • Correct All Unwanted Behaviors: Address and resolve any behavioral issues.
  • E-Collar Training: Learn to use an e-collar effectively and humanely for advanced obedience.
  • Included Equipment: Receive a 20-foot leash, training collar, and one e-collar as part of the program.

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